Emergency Response

Dykon Blasting employs a team of highly trained and capable personnel ready to respond to emergency situations on a moment’s notice.  The rapid and safe removal of rock and concrete, or the explosive demolition and felling of building, bridges and industrial structures by precision drilling and blasting is a challenging field.  No two projects are alike, each having its own unique characteristics that set it apart from others.

Dykon Blasting’s workforce is highly, experienced, skilled and diversified thus bringing a wide variety of innovation and expertise to an emergency situation.

In addition, Dykon also maintains a fleet of drills capable of safe and effective operation in a variety of situations; numerous blasting mats in a number of configurations; and their own haul truck.

These factors combined give Dykon Blasting the ability to respond rapidly, professionally and effectively to almost any emergency situation requiring the removal of rock, concrete, or the explosive felling of structures on both on land or in water.  Often times we can be mobilized and onsite in less than 24 hours.

When an emergency situation calls for fast, reliable response, Dykon Blasting is ready to go.

At 3:00 PM on Sunday, March 11th, 2001, Dykon was contacted to help with an emergency train wreck in Naples, Texas.  Dykon was onsite with drills, equipment, licensed blasters, drillers, and explosives by 1:30 the next day, and attended a meeting with the project managers at 6:00 AM that same morning.  The project required two damaged railroad bridge piers demolished to make room for new pier construction.  The old piers were damaged by a train derailment.  The piers were under 22 feet of swift running water due to flood conditions in the area.  Dykon Blasting successfully drilled and shot the underwater bridge piers on schedule.

Spindletop energy needed a drilling location shot out of solid rock for an oil well rig in western Oklahoma near Lawton.  The drill rig pad had to be ready to go in 4 weeks.  About seventy five thousand cubic yards of rock had to be drilled and shot before Spindletop could even begin to start building the site for the oil rig.  Dykon Blasting mobilized 4 Reedrill SCH 5000 high production hydraulic track drills and a team of blasters to support them.  The project was finished ahead of schedule.

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