Bridge, Structure and Building Explosive Demolition

When it comes to bridges, buildings, smoke stacks, water towers Dykon Blasting Corp. can prepare the proper blast design based on what the contractor needs for that specific site.  Bridges can be felled in various sizes, depending on the excavation equipment being utilized.  Shape charges, detonating cord and dynamite are ordered specifically for each project and placed in exact pre-determined locations to maximize their effectiveness.

Reinforced Concrete

Reinforced concrete comes in every imaginable shape and size. Concrete is used to build and form everything from sidewalks to massive highrise structures hundreds of feet tall. Industrial structures like locks, dams, power plants, are also built with reinforced concrete. When this concrete needs be removed, Dykon Blasting Corp. is here to help.

Each reinforced concrete project presents its own unique challenges and Dykon meets these with specially engineered drilling equipment and blasting techniques second to none. Hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of reinforced concrete on hundreds of jobs around the world has given Dykon Blasting Corp. the experience to meet any challenge safely, professionally and successfully.

Dykon Blasting Corp. travels nationally and will review the specific needs of your concrete and bridge demolition projects!

Demolition/Concrete Projects

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