Utility & Infrastructure Drilling and Blasting Contractor

Dykon Blasting specializes in controlled drilling and blasting of rock for the construction storm sewers, catch basins, sanitary sewers, manholes, underground electrical and telephone service, water lines and other utilities for underground municipal infrastructure.

With a proven track record of hundreds of successfully completed controlled blasting projects, Dykon Blasting is uniquely qualified to handle the toughest blasting projects in populated areas. Using a highly developed approach of combined positive public communications and responsible safe blasting practices, Dykon Blasting is able to assist with the rock excavation in numerous areas where utility construction in rock is in close proximity to sensitive residences and businesses.

When underground utilities need to be constructed in areas where there is rock excavation, Dykon Blasting is only a phone call away. With over 200 years of combined experience and literally hundreds of utility blasting projects successfully completed, we are ready to handle the toughest blasting projects safely and successfully.

Dykon Blasting is your best choice for a rock blasting contractor.

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