Sitework Drilling & Blasting Contractor

Dykon Blasting offers drilling and blasting services for site work rock excavation. Sitework projects involve excavation for building footers and foundations, industrial construction such as generator facilities, refinery locations, aggregate plants, oil well drilling rig locations, schools, hospitals, water treatment plants and other similar applications. Anything that has to be built on a foundation or in the ground generally requires site work excavation. When hard rock is encountered in these projects, it must be removed.

Dykon maintains a fleet of over 30 high production drills capable of tackling the most demanding of projects. Often projects such as these are built in populated areas where safety and precision is of the utmost priority. Dykon’s proven public communications program and unmatched dedication to safety and work ethics makes us the best choice for all site work drilling and blasting projects.

The successful completion of multi-million dollar site work projects such as the Oneta Power Plant and the Griffin Wheel Manufacturing Plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma stand as testimony that Dykon Blasting Corp. can safely perform large scale blasting projects under stringent time frame conditions.

Sitework Projects

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