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Dykon Blasting offers drilling and blasting service to the pipeline industry. Whether it’s cross country DOT transmission lines, gathering systems or just local pipeline service Dykon has the equipment and manpower to get in and get the job done safely, economically and rapidly.

The newest challenge to the pipeline industry is the growing population. With more and more people buying land and building houses, pipelines are being constructed closer and closer to residences and public thoroughfares. Dykon Blasting is unsurpassed in the industry with its positive public relations policies and safe precision blasting practices in proximity to the private property and public services. Dykon’s track record speaks for itself. With hundreds of successfully completed projects behind them Dykon has earned its place as one of the foremost drilling and blasting companies in the industry.

When your next pipeline project calls for rock excavation, call on the Dykon team of blasting professionals to get your rock blasted, safely, professionally, on schedule and under budget.

Background: Pipelines are used for the transportation of liquid or gas products through a continuous pipe. The most important are those transporting water, oil products and natural gas. Sometimes these pipelines are above ground like parts of the Alaska Pipeline. However, they are usually underground and when they go through areas of solid rock, drilling and blasting is usually the cheapest, fastest and most cost effective way of excavating the rock for the construction of the pipeline.

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