Dykon Blasting Corp works closely with contractors to ensure the safe completion of the projects in which they participate. Since each blasting project is unique, Dykon’s highly-trained personnel carefully consider and design the safety procedures, equipment, technology and numerous other details required for the successful completion of the project, while protecting both the general public and adjacent properties.

In conjunction with the contractor, Dykon coordinates the pre-blast safety plan with local authorities, utility companies, governmental agencies and adjoining property owners. This attention to detail is not only important to the safety and success of the project, but promotes and enhances the professional image of the contractor.

Insurance is always a prime concern for any explosive demolition project. Dykon can provide the necessary insurance coverage required for our services.

Dykon has successfully completed hundreds of explosive projects covering a wide range of types, sizes and challenges. For your next blasting project call on Dykon Blasting, the precision blasting professionals.

Pipeline - Fayetteville Express


Our John Henry drills can access any part of the ROW and our crews can safely drill and blast the mass rock and ditch as fast as it is required.

Sylan Hills Middle School Sitework

Site work

Building foundations, parking structures, sports complexes, community housing, we can mobilize our blasting crews to safely expedite the rock excavation.

North Sewer Interceptor Utility Drilling and Blasting


Dykon Blasting has the experience to design the most efficient blast plans for water, sewer, fiber optic, electrical or any other underground utility project in the nation.

Horseshoe Bay Power Plant Precision Blasting


This is our passion and specialty. This facet of drilling and blasting is where our crews truly merge science and art. Blasting rock or concrete next to existing utilities, hospitals, roadways and more!

Highway 62 Green Forest Road Cuts

Road Cuts

We can use explosives to carve out the most beautiful pre-split walls in granite, limestone, basalt or any other geological formation.

Quarry - Weeping Water Quarry


Drilling and blasting is a huge factor in a quarry’s success. With focus on safety to the public, vibratory restraints, community relations, and strict time frames, Dykon Blasting knows what it takes to keep you producing aggregate!

Marine Blasting - White River Hydroelectric


Experience. With marine drilling and blasting, often times, there is no second chance to get it right.  Experience is what sets Dykon Blasting apart; we know how to safely drill and blast under water structures and take into account all of the variables that will affect the excavation of the rock or concrete.

Demolition Projects


Dynamites, detonating cord, linear shape charges, detonators, blast zone radius, site security, these are all crucial elements to a successful explosive demolition project.  Dykon blasting answers calls from around the globe to design and blast a multitude of concrete and steel structures safely and timely.

Emergency Projects


When drilling and blasting is needed on an emergency basis, we realize the importance of being a part of the solution.  Quite often, Dykon Blasting can mobilize in the same day and have crews ready to go anywhere in the nation. This means 365 days a year and 24/7 for our customers.

West Side Water Treatment Plant Rock Anchors Contract Drilling

Contract Drilling

Dykon blasting prides itself on being flexible for our customers. If specialty drilling is needed for rock, concrete or any other structure, we can mobilize a skilled and safety minded driller for a day, month or year on site.