Jared Redyke

Jared Redyke

President of Dykon Blasting Corp.

Jared is President of Dykon Blasting Corp.  Dykon is a precision drilling and blasting company specializing in the application of high explosives for controlled blasting for the excavation of rock and reinforced concrete on both land and water.

Jared has worked in the blasting industry since 1989. Prior to this date, he worked for his father’s explosive demolition company during summers, holidays and weekends for several years. He is a graduate of John Brown University with a degree in Business Administration and Construction Management.

His experience in the use of explosives include: precision controlled rock blasting, trenching, tunneling, quarry blasting, building implosion, smokestacks, bridges, industrial structures and various other applications.

Jared holds blasters licenses in over 30 states as well as blasting licenses in various provinces in Canada. He is a member of the International Society of Explosive Engineers and National Association of Demolition Contractors.  Jared currently sits on the board of directors of the Ozark Chapter of the Society of Explosive Engineers.

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